ENTYPOSIS Graphic Arts was founded in 2000 by Christos Leridis with the aim to create a modern printing house that will meet market needs, from the stage of conception to the stages of design, production and delivery of the product.

Our company is seated at Spata, Greece, and it is a modern, vertical production unit that can undertake complex projects, offering turnkey solutions in order to meet immediate customer needs with brilliant and creative solutions, providing high quality products, competitive prices and short delivery time.

ENTYPOSIS - LERIDIS Graphic Arts has been staffed with experienced people that are effective, passionate, committed and creative.

More specifically, we engage in the following:

  • Creative projects (artwork, magazine advertisements, photo shooting, photo editing/retouching, logo creation etc.)
  • Corporate Identity (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, stickers, folders etc.)
  • Brochures (promotional leaflets, multi-page brochures, product catalogs, posters, etc.)
  • Ring Binders - Folders
  • Accounting forms (laser print invoices, receipt books, Delivery notes, continuous forms, etc.)
  • Security documents (hologram, micro embossing)
  • Variable Data (personalized documents, barcodes etc.)

With the aim to always develop and improve our services, ENTYPOSIS has undertaken the exclusive representation, production and printing of the global brand Easy Post™, thus enriching the variety of our products for the demanding market of promotional printed material.

Kind regards,
Entyposis - Leridis Graphic Arts

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Participation in Expos

Entyposis - Leridis Graphic Arts is always actively present in many trade shows where it promotes its products and potential, tailoring special offers for every trade show.
We would be most pleased to meet you.

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Here, printed communication takes form

       Our goal is to make customers envision what they really want for their company through their own creations. Our customer's primary goal is our goal. Keeping them completely satisfied is what drives us.

We review our customers' materials thoroughly and the result of our work is the best there is in the market.

The creation and realization of an idea is not just another project. It is a challenge that we are always willing to rise up to.

We build relationships on trust while responding to our immediate customer needs by implementing intelligent and creative solutions.

Work with us and we will be... IMPRINTED in your mind!

Christos Leridis General Manager

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